Machine Telematics

Intelligent insights on the performance and status of your machinery – allowing you to increase uptime and intelligently manage maintenance scheduling.
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The Benefits

Improved customer service

Work with machine users, partners and dealerships to provide valuable insights into how the machine is being used.

Digital transformation of new and legacy machinery

Easily install or retrofit equipment with sensors that allow visibility into location, usage and performance.

Enhanced understanding of machine performance

Avoid under and over maintaining machines by accurately schedule maintenance based on work done and Enable predictive maintenance

How It Works

Interface with existing onboard electronics
Integrate our IoT solution with your current electronics to connect your equipment.

Plug & Play Install for retrofit installations.
Deploys quickly. No IT Integration Required, turn the device on and its online.

Internet Connected on arrival
No need to have access to WiFi. Our sensors connect via Sigfox/Nb-IoT Low Powered Wide Area Networks(LPWAN)

Battery Powered
Connecting non-powered assets is easy. Our sensors are AA battery powered and last for years.

Enterprise Grade
Sensors are IP-67 rated waterproof. Designed to last for at least 7 years.

Real-time visibility, when you need it
Log in from any device for immediate insight into current conditions and historical trends.

Alert customization
Use advanced tools to configure multiple thresholds, multiple recipients, and escalating alerts

Get connected with Remote Signals

Talk to an expert about getting your machine connected.

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