Food Safety

Increase visibility and reduce risk with TempReporter, a real-time temperature monitoring system.
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The Benefits

Improve Product Safety

Full online visibility into storage conditions for all chilled and frozen goods.

Automate Manual Processes

The system is online 24/7 and takes temperatures automatically and sends data to the cloud. Fully compliant HACCP reports sent directly to your email inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

Prevent stock loss with real-time alerts

If an issue occurs, alerts are sent to people who can take immediate action.

Introducing TempReporter for food safety

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How It Works

Plug & Play Install
Ours sensors can be placed directly in fridges and freezers - no wires or cords.

Internet Connected on arrival
No need to interfere with existing internet connections in store and no IT Integration required. Our sensors connect via Sigfox/Nb-IoT Low Powered Wide Area Networks(LPWAN)

Battery Powered
Our sensors are AA battery powered and last for years.

Enterprise Grade
Sensors are IP-67 rated waterproof. TempReporter is designed to last for at least 7 years.

Industry leading calibration process, cutting down costs and time, while ensuring continued compliance.

Scalable Solutions for Food Retailers
Manage across any Retail Chain, large or small on one dashboard. Advanced grouping capabilities, from a high level corporate overview to a detailed view at store level.

Real-time visibility, when you need it
Log in from any device for immediate insight into current conditions and historical trends.

Alert customization
Use advanced tools to configure multiple thresholds, multiple recipients, and escalating alerts.

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