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Connected and Cost Effective. Enabling Low Power, Wide-Area Tracking.
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Create visibility for your assets in the field, powered or unpowered assets can easily be tracked with the Remote Signals Asset Tracking solution. Know where they are at all times and how they are used by customers. Extensive location and usage insights will help you optimize revenue per asset. Companies lose up to 30% of their time and money looking for assets. With the Remote Signals tracker, S you can save search time, focus your staff on value-adding processes and gain differentiating insights about your processes.

The Benefits

Real-time Location

Know real-time location and status of your assets, set up geo-fences, monitor asset utilization, and review the entire history of your asset.

Asset Management

Manage your assets with mobile or desktop solutions, integrate with third-party apps and access external APIs. Be in control of your asset capacity on different sites through automatic inventories

Battery Life

Years of battery life using our low powered devices.

How It Works

Plug & Play Install
Deploys in Minutes. No IT Integration Required, turn the device on and its online.

Internet Connected on arrival
No need to have access to WiFi. Our sensors connect via Sigfox/Nb-IoT Low Powered Wide Area Networks(LPWAN)

Battery Powered
Our sensors are AA battery powered and last for years.

Enterprise Grade
Sensors are IP-67 rated waterproof. TempReporter is designed to last for at least 7 years.

Real-time visibility, when you need it
Log in from any device for immediate insight into current conditions and historical trends.

Alert customization
Use advanced tools to configure multiple thresholds, multiple recipients, and escalating alerts.

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