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Go from Proof of Concept to Proof of Value in weeks, and avoid months of trial and error by working with Remote Signals Labs. Don’t let your business get left behind.
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Remote Signals Labs takes a hands-on approach with customers when developing and deploying customised IoT solutions. Our team of IoT experts have industry expertise in the core technologies required to deliver an end-to-end solution. We work with your team to understand the business opportunity or the problem you are trying to solve, we then execute on an end-to-end proof of concept that can be delivered in weeks rather than months..

Remote Signals Labs

Understand the problem

Our team of IoT experts work with you to understand the problem you are trying to solve, identify a Remote Signals-powered solution and then execute on an end-to-end proof of concept solution..

On site visit & review of requirements

We take a hands on approach when working with clients. Our experts review where and how the solution will be deployed, ensuring the right technologies are being considered from the outset.

First prototype data moving in weeks

Using solutions powered by Remote Signals core technologies, an end-to-end proof of concept evaluation platform, hardware and software, is ready in weeks. This gets proof of concept data flowing as quickly as possible to help validate use case assumptions.

Handholding support during trial

We understand that implementing an IoT solution for many organizations is hard. According to a Cisco survey, over 60% of respondents admitted that they substantially underestimated the complexities of managing their own IoT initiatives. Even more alarming, the same survey also found that 75% of self-initiated IoT projects were considered a failure.

ROI verification

This is a critical aspect of any IoT initiative. We provide a full assessment of what an overall solution will cost to deploy and maintain. Our experts then work with your team to consider long term benefits of your solution and verify the ROI.

Go/No Go deploy at scale

This is where the team at Remote Signals flourish. With our valuable experience in engineering design, IoT technologies, contract manufacturing and supply chain management, we remove risk and maximise the benefit of IoT for your business.

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