Connected Assets

By connecting assets across an enterprise, it can deliver insights to optimize operations, safety, and drive financial results.
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Informed Decisions

We work with businesses that operate in asset-rich environments to manage and make more informed decisions about their assets.

Connected asset management


Get real-time, actionable insights to improve asset availability and performance.


Add new product features to enhance customer experience.


Generate new untapped aftermarket revenue streams.


Improve product safety.


Upgrade assets continuously.


Monitor the health and performance of connected machines to boost productivity and efficiency.

Delivering Solutions Across Industries

Cold Chain

Measure ground conditions to unlock decision making insights and maximize usage of farm lands for growers and farmers.

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Heavy Machinery

Use remote monitoring and connected technologies to bring your dairy farm online, ensuring milk produced is always stored at the correct temperatures ensuring producers get the best milk price.

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Intelligent insights on the performance and status of your machinery – allowing you to increase uptime and intelligently manage maintenance scheduling.

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Customer Testimonials

Billy Lane

Owner, Station Pharmacy Limerick

"This device is very simple to install and very simple to use. The automated weekly HACCP reports are a big step forward from the manual process we had been supporting and facilitates a lot more temperature readings to be taken on a daily basis. The App on my phone is very clear and provides remote access to all of my temperature readings. I now have peace of mind knowing that the stock in my fridge is monitored 24/7 and I am alerted if this is not so. This was a concern raised during a recent PSI inspection prior to me installing this system. I can highly recommend installing one of these devices in your Pharmacy"

Gordon Lucey

Managing Director, 9 White Deer Brewery

"Since we got Remote Signals Temperature Monitoring, I quickly realized that we can use this in other areas of the business also. As well as our process control for manufacturing the beer, we also use it in external fridges to know if we have a problem with temperature control. I can sleep now knowing that we’re protected. If the power goes off it does not matter to the system, its battery operated and the battery lasts for years. It doesn't need WiFi, it doesn't need bluetooth, you just push the probe into whatever you want to monitor and setup your phone app. It’s as simple as that. You don't need to be an engineer or a technician setup the product, if you can operate a smartphone this will be easy for you.

I’d be more than happy to endorse this product, it's such a clever product and its great to see it coming out of Ireland. I’d be pretty certain if you install this product you’d be saying why we didn't do this years ago, but the reason is it wasn't available or possible then. It’s a complete no brainer, fantastic system"

Bring the IoT to your business

Go from Proof of Concept to Proof of Value in weeks, and avoid months of trial and error by working with Remote Signals Labs. Don’t let your business get left behind.

Remote Signals Labs takes a hands-on approach with customers when developing and deploying customised IoT solutions. Our team of IoT experts have industry expertise in the core technologies required to deliver an end-to-end solution. We work with your team to understand the business opportunity or the problem you are trying to solve, we then execute on an end-to-end proof of concept that can be delivered in weeks rather than months.

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