A Digital Temperature Log: How it Can Be the Best Addition to your Business

Posted by Joe Perrott

May 20, 2019

One of the most important aspects of a restaurant or a food delivery company happens to be temperature monitoring. Food items need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to preserve them and keep them fresh. The recommended temperatures are set by health and safety authorities around the world, and typically fall under the principals of Hazard analysis and critical control points, or HACCP, simply put, it refers to procedures you must put in place to ensure the food you produce is safe. These procedures make up your food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP.  and are compulsory for all restaurants and food vendors to follow.

The Possible Issues with Manual Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring in food handling businesses is often done manually, with one of the staff members often having to go around and take a reading off of the monitor. This increases the risk of error in the readings, as with any other analog measurement. Sometimes, the workers at a small outlet are so busy that they can often incorrectly take temperature readings, or simply forget to take the readings at all. In some cases, temperatures readings are falsified and backfilled to satisfy the paperwork blanks. Other issues with manual recording is business owners do not have 24/7 visibility into storage conditions of their inventory. During business closed hours, issues can occur without knowing and food can spoil quickly when held at the incorrect temperatures. This puts customers at risk if stale or contaminated food is served.

Moreover, storing all of the data can be a hassle given the many other tasks in store. To curb this and have gain control of temperature monitoring, businesses need to make use of IoT solutions to monitor the temperatures in food handling businesses.

The Use of Digital Temperature Monitors

Digital temperature monitors are widely available in the market and come in many shapes and forms, and by many companies. Their functionalities range from simply sensing the temperature and recording it, to actually regulating everything according to HAACP standards and using cloud technology to make sure that all recorded data is kept safe and can produce HACCP reports on demand.

However, many businesses do not use them to monitor their freezers and refrigerators. Manual monitoring is still widely used as solutions available are seen as expensive and awkward. Most require a costly and disruptive installation process, and once setup they require use of the Wi-Fi service in store through an installed gateway. Other solutions require a GSM connectivity through a gateway where Wi-Fi is not available.

What food handlings businesses need is a durable and efficient temperature monitoring device that is cost effective, easy to install and logs temperatures regularly to ensure compliance with HACCP guidelines. Temp Reporter is something that brings all of that to you.

Why Temp Reporter?

Temp Reporter is a temperature monitoring solution that monitors and records temperature. It is a plug and play sensor that offers businesses 24/7-hour monitoring and is powered by AA batteries. All the data is recorded and stored in the cloud. It automates compliance reporting for HACCP, and presents the data daily in a neat template. Custom templates are also available on request. If issues arise with temperatures outside a set range, alerts are sent to staff and store owners through mobile and web apps notifying them of problems that occur.

Temp Reporter is a product developed for food handling business owners who want a robust and reliable temperature monitoring solution to monitor the temperature of their food products. It offers round the clock monitoring that helps businesses spend your time on their core business value. Most of all, Temp Reporter records and monitors temperatures with the utmost efficiency.

About TempReporter

TempReporter makes it easy for Food handling businesses to monitor and report temperature recordings, while ensuring compliance with HACCP requirements.

TempReporter is a Remote Signals Limited Product.
Product is Designed and Made in Ireland